The Bennett Prize
Dianne Gall, Detail of Everybody Knows, 2017. Oil on linen, 60 x 66 in. View
Susanne Mitchell, Detail of Waiting (from the Silence of the Ordinary), 2015, Oil and mixed media on canvas, 65 x 60 in. View
Suzanne Anan, Detail of Love After Love, 2016. Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 in. View
Lee Price, Detail of Teacup, 2014. Oil on linen, 38 x 68 in. View
Harmonia Rosales, Detail of The Creation of God, 2017, Oil on canvas, 44 x 60 in. View
Zoey Frank, Detail of Parade, 2016. Oil on linen, 126 x 78 in. View
Margaret Bowland, Detail of White Fives, 2012. Oil on linen, 84 x 70 inches. View
Aleah Chapin, Detail of It Was The Sound Of Their Feet, 2014. Oil on linen, 84 x 120 in. View

The Bennett Prize, created in 2018, awards $50,000 to a woman artist to create her own solo exhibition of figurative realist paintings, which will travel the country. The Prize will propel the careers of women painters who have not yet realized full professional recognition, empowering new artists and those who have painted for many years. The Prize will expand opportunities for the public, who may not be familiar with figurative realist painting, to learn more about the creative vision of talented women painters in this increasingly popular genre. In 2018, the inaugural year of The Prize, there were 647 entries. In 2020, the second round of The Prize, there were 674 entries. 

Call for 2021 Prize entries is now closed.

Read complete call for entries rules.

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Reigning (raining?) confusion: what is figurative realism?

As co-founders of The Bennett Prize for Women “Figurative Realists,” Doctor Schmidt and I often confront confusion about the meaning of “figurative realism,” especially among would-be contestants. “My work is too abstract,” one will say, while another says “the Bennetts only support photorealism,” and a third says “the Bennett Prize seeks only depictions of nudes.” Of course, all of this is incorrect, but you can hardly blame the authors of these observations, as the lack of understanding of the term “figurative realism” is extensive.

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Berks groups to honor female artists with a Celebration of Women in the Arts

Berks County arts organizations have formed a partnership to make sure female artists in every genre, from local to international, are recognized throughout this special year with a Celebration of Women in the Arts. According to David Gross, executive director of the RSO, the idea for the celebration began with the Bennett Prize, created by San Antonio art collectors Steven and Elaine Bennett, whom Gross met and befriended during his years as CEO of the San Antonio Symphony.

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