The Bennett Prize
Figurative realism is a representation art form that depicts people and objects realistically.

Call for Entries



Important Deadlines

  • April 16, 2020 Call for entries open.
  • Oct. 16, 2020 – Call for entries closed at 11:59 p.m. (MST).
  • Late November/Early December, 2020: Announcement of 2021 finalists.

Complete Timeline

Rules Overview

  • The Bennett Prize is open to qualified painters only. The term “qualified” painter describes a person who meets all of the following criteria:
    • Is a living woman and a fine art painter who applies paint to a generally two-dimensional surface (this does not include drawings made with pencil or crayon charcoal, photography, sculpture, installation video or performance art). Please note: No painting over digital printing will be accepted.
    • Is a figurative realist painter who paints in the style in which the realistically depicted human figure, or figures, is central to the work.
    • Is pursuing a career as a full-time professional painter. Hobbyists or serious amateurs not intending to work full-time as painters are not eligible.
    • Is a painter who has not yet received significant professional recognition- meaning the artist has not sold any single work of art for, nor has received an art prize or award, in an amount exceeding $25,000.
  • The Prize is only open to individuals in the United States - it may be expanded in subsequent years.
  • The Prize may be awarded to the same individual only once.
  • A $50 entry fee will be charged to all entrants.
  • Artists may submit artwork of any size for jury consideration but, should the artist be selected as a finalist for The Prize, the largest dimension of submitted work for the exhibition cannot exceed 72 inches.
  • Finalists may sell their work, but will enter into a loan agreement upon agreeing to participate in the show.

Complete Rules for Entry

Commitments of the Winner

The Bennett Prize winner makes the following commitments in writing to receive The Bennett Prize:

  • To pursue figurative realist painting on a full-time basis during the Residency (the winner may pursue non-art, part-time work).
  • To produce at least five completed paintings annually during the Residency, unless an exception is made by The Prize Committee.
  • To use the proceeds of The Prize for lawful expenses only.
  • To pay all taxes attributable to The Prize, if any.
  • To permit The Pittsburgh Foundation, The Prize Committee or any representative designated by the Foundation to visit the winner’s studio from time to time to evaluate progress.
  • To permit The Pittsburgh Foundation, Muskegon Museum of Art or their designees to document production of the work in progress, to photograph the installation and individual works for educational and publicity purposes related to The Prize and the Residency, and to use these images and details of these images in educational and marketing materials as well as in exhibition catalogs for current and subsequent Bennett Prize exhibitions and rounds.
  • To consider a gift or loan of one or two of the works created during the Residency to a public arts institution, or an institution offering arts education.
  • To enter into a loan agreement for work created during the Residency so this work may be included in the subsequent Residency exhibition, and consent to and cooperate in the publication of a catalog showing this work without the expectation of additional payment or publications rights fees.
  • The winner may sell works before the Residency or related residency exhibitions are completed, but the winner must condition any sale upon the requirement that the work be made available by the purchaser for the residency exhibition and any subsequent traveling shows without additional rights or royalty fees to the artist or the owners of the works.