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Berks groups to honor female artists with a Celebration of Women in the Arts

Berks County arts organizations have formed a partnership to make sure female artists in every genre, from local to international, are recognized throughout this special year with a Celebration of Women in the Arts. According to David Gross, executive director of the RSO, the idea for the celebration began with the Bennett Prize, created by San Antonio art collectors Steven and Elaine Bennett, whom Gross met and befriended during his years as CEO of the San Antonio Symphony.

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Bennett Prize Announcement – I’m going!

John Dalton reports: "Just a quick little announcement to let you know I will be at the award ceremony for the announcement of the winner of the Bennett Prize in Muskegon on May 2nd. So if you were thinking of coming along to support the ten finalists and the ten honorable mentions and to support the whole initiative in general, well now you have another reason. I’ll be there."

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Top Ten: The Bennett Prize

Issue 159 | January 2019 - Art collectors Steven Bennett and Elaine Melotti Schmidt created the first-ever prize for women figurative artists. After 647 entrants, we are pleased to announce the 10 finalists.

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