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Secondary Meanings : Figural Diptychs

Call for artists! Art collectors Steven Bennett and Elaine Melotti Schmidt are organizing an exhibition of diptych or triptych works. These forms provide enormous creative opportunities for visual artists because it supplies expansive and varied ways for an artist to speak using juxtaposition, contrast, comparison, expansion, connection and separation.

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Artist Victoria Selbach includes a mention of The Bennett Prize, established by collectors Steven Bennett and  Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, and the new "Visions of Venus" exhibition organized by Schmidt and opened in April.

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Visions of Venus - Venus' Visions | Part 2

With nine artists across six time zones this episode is a great snapshot of the global village that is the figurative art community. Back in August of 2017 Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt was on the podcast talking about an open call for an exhibition she was curating called, “Visions of Venus / Venus’ Visions.”

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Pittsburgh Foundation Launches $50,000 Prize for Women Painters

Endowed by art collectors Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt with a $3 million gift, the $50,000 Bennett Prize will spotlight women artists who paint in the figurative realist style and who have not yet achieved full professional recognition — both new artists and those who have painted for many years. 

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San Antonio couple endows $50,000 award for female painters

A mutual interest in art helped bring San Antonio collectors Steven Alan Bennett and Elaine Melotti Schmidt together. Now they are putting that shared passion to work to benefit others. The couple have endowed the Bennett Prize, a $50,000 biennial award that will be given to female artists who specialize in figurative realist imagery and have not yet received full professional recognition.

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